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Laser hair removal for men at Advance Laser Aesthetics

At Advance Laser Aesthetics, we have a dedicated service to offer laser hair removal to men. Having spent time researching both aesthetic and medical reasons for why men would require this treatment, we have now removed the traditional stigma and obstacles ordinarily psychologically prohibitive for men seeking treatment. With a dedicated team of male and female therapists operating in an exclusive clinic environment, we feel we have created the perfect place for men seeking to have unwanted body hair removed.

At Advance Laser Aesthetics, we can treat almost any area of the body on male clients to include:

  • Glabella
  • Cheek bones
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Half face
  • Full face
  • Underarms
  • Male hollywood
  • Shoulder blades
  • Full back
  • Full back, shoulders and upper arms
  • Full body*

*Full body includes chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks, peri-anal and pubic/privates area.

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Please see our discounted full body treatment packages here

Men seek to have excess body hair removed for any number of reasons and we provide treatment in a non judgemental way. Those reasons are:

To improve general appearance, restore confidence and improve wellbeing.

To enhance sporting performance in elite athletes.

To improve personal hygiene.

For medical purposes.

The great thing about our laser treatments is they are not exclusive to general body hair. We can also treat the face and neck to assist with male grooming routines. The benefits being:

Reducing facial hair growth thus reducing the frequency or need to shave.

Making ingrown hair and sore complexion the thing of the past.

Professional Equipment

We use Infinity Diode lasers here at our clinic which offer fast effective long term results with up to 90% permanent reduction in hair growth.

Hair grows in cycles, hence we would book our male clients in for a good 8 or more appointments depending on the area being treated. During your consultation, we will discuss your expected outcomes at length and offer the best treatment advice suiting your needs.

During and after treatment, you may experience slight discomfort and reddending. However we use air cooled lasers that only treat the hair follicle and not harm the skin in any way. We will help you relax during treatment and guide you through a complete programme of aftercare.

We hope this will lead to many male clients taking the decision to finally seek treatment and improve their wellbeing too through our comprehensive male referral scheme.

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To find out more about laser hair removal for men in Doncaster, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01302 456270 or fill out our contact form here for one of our practitioners to call you.

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