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Laser Hair Removal in Doncaster

Get the smooth skin you deserve and make tweezing, waxing and shaving a thing of the past with laser hair removal from Advance Laser Aesthetics.

Laser hair removal is an effective way of removing unwanted hair, with permanent reduction of up to 95%. Laser energy is delivered safely through a cooled laser handpiece directly to the skin, and that energy is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair and follicle, heating the pigment and destroying the follicle. Unlike outdated IPL methods of hair removal, lasers deliver energy in a continuous beam, targeting the hair follicle and leaving surrounding tissues undamaged.

Let our skilled and knowledgeable therapists take you on a journey of smooth hair-free skin. Book a free no obligation consultation today at our Doncaster laser hair removal clinic. Our Doncaster clinics use high-quality, powerful 808 infinity diode machines from HPT Group, which is extremely effective with a precise wavelength of 808mm.

Laser Hair Removal At Advance Laser Aesthetics

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatment uses intermittent pulses of light energy pinpointed at hair follicles preventing regrowth. We use infinity diode lasers giving fast effective and long lasting results.

Does Laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal is often described as the feeling you get with the flick of an elastic band. Our diode laser has pinpoint accuracy and the more sessions you have, the less discomfort you feel as there's less hair follicles to target.

Is laser hair removal safe?

All of the research on laser hair removal has reinforced that there is no link between cancer and light energy from hair removal lasers, which does not contain UV light. In fact, the same machines used for laser hair removal are now used to treat recurrent melanoma and advanced melanoma (skin cancer).

Find out more about melanoma treatment here.

Laser hair removal at Advance Laser Aesthetics is available for any part of the face or body. The machine used is the advanced infinity diode laser machine with intelligent client tracking software.

Laser hair removal is the safest way to remove hair, even in sensitive areas without the risk of skin damage or long term complications. Most patients report feeling slight discomfort during treatments, with the tingling sensation often described as being similar to a flick of an elastic band.

Professional laser hair removal machines are extremely powerful and should always be operated by a qualified practitioner, who will monitor your skin throughout treatments to reduce the risk of any complications.

Is it effective?

Once a laser treatment is completed, the hair in the area treated will gradually grow back finer and lighter, with hair growth reducing after each treatment.

Further to completing a course of laser hair removal treatments, hair growth can be reduced by up to 90% and patients report no longer needing to use any hair removal products (this will need to be maintained with top-up treatments, which are normally required every 12 months).

Skin type: Our laser hair removal machine can treat skin types according to the Fitzpatrick scale below:

  • Type I (scores 0–6) pale, white skin, freckles - always burn, never tans
  • Type II (scores 7–13) pale, white skin, freckles - usually burn, tans minimally
  • Type III (scores 14–20) white skin, sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly
  • Type IV (scores 21–27) light, brown skin, burns minimally, always tans well
  • Type V (scores 28–34) medium brown skin, rarely burns, tans very easily

Not suitable for treatment

  • Type VI (scores 35–36) deeply pigmented dark brown skin, never burns

For those with type 6 skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale, we would be happy to offer essential advice and guidance on suitable treatment and offer trusted onward referral to specialised services or indeed known clinics who may have specific laster technology to treat this skin type. We treat 96% of skin type with our technology.

Pregnancy: Laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women and we will not treat you if you think you could be or know you are pregnant.

Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?

As long as your hairs are dark enough with pigment to attract the laser, we can treat over 96% of skin types with the diode laser we use. Your therapist will consult with you beforehand to advise accordingly.

How long does hair removal treatment last?

Results are dependent on hair type and colour. As an industry standard, around 90% permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Can any hair be removed?

Dependant on the pigment of the hair, yes our lasers pinpoint accuracy means they can remove hair anywhere on the body including facial hair and intimate areas such as underarm and bikini line.

What are the possible complications?

Dermal burns: In the wrong hands it is possible for a laser hair removal machine to burn the skin in the area treated although this is rare. To be safe, always make sure you are in the hands of a practitioner with a level 4 advanced qualification.

Skin irritation: Some patients report a feeling of temporary discomfort, redness and/or mild swelling in the area treated, these will normally go away within a few hours.

Pigment changes: Some patients report changes to the colour/tone of the skin in the area treated, this is rare and your practitioner will carefully monitor your skin reaction to the laser treatment to help to prevent this.

Will my skin be sore after treatment?

Our lasers do not harm the skin at all and only affect the hair follicle. Our lasers are medical device approved with the European Commission.

Can you get cancer from having laser hair removal treatment?

The short answer is NO. Cancer is caused by the UV spectrum of light that induces changes within your cellular structure causing growths. Laser hair removal specifically uses infrared spectrum of light that targets the pigment "melanin" in your hair.

Is laser hair removal cost effective?

Pitched against alternatives to removing hair that are not permanent, hair removal is a very cost effective measure ensuring permanent results. Furthermore, other solutions such as waxing can cause skin irritation and can leave your skin patchy with prolonged treatments. Out treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and without the need to shave, wax or epilate. There's flexible customer finance available to make our treatment instantly affordable.

I use tanning products and intend on going away to get some sun, can i still have hair removal?

Your therapist will advise in the best cause of action and timing of treatments as this is greatly affected.

Can this treatment be for men?

At Advance Laser Aesthetics, we have a dedicated service to offer laser hair removal to men. Having spent time researching both aesthetic and medical reasons for why men would require this treatment, we have now removed the traditional stigma and obstacles ordinarily psychologically prohibitive for men seeking treatment. With a dedicated team of male and female therapists operating in an exclusive clinic environment, we feel we have created the perfect place for men seeking to have unwanted body hair removed.

Men seek to have excess body hair removed for any number of reasons and we provide treatment in a non judgemental way. Those reasons are:

  • To improve general appearance, restore confidence and improve wellbeing.
  • To enhance sporting performance in elite athletes.
  • To improve personal hygiene.
  • For medical purposes.

The great thing about our laser treatments is they are not exclusive to general body hair. We can also treat the face and neck to assist with male grooming routines. The benefits being:

  • Reducing facial hair growth thus reducing the frequency or need to shave.
  • Making ingrown hair and sore complexion the thing of the past.

Am I a suitable candidate for treatment?

Your therapist will advise accordingly. Our laser treats over 96% of skin types so usually the only further consideration is whether there is enough melanin in the hair for the laser to target. We will not let any client undertake unnecessary treatment and our therapists are both consultative and knowledgeable with client focus of paramount importance.

Professional Laser Hair removal Versus Home Use Machines

There are laser hair removal machines that you can buy to use at home. They typically cost between £200 and £400, so why would you want to pay more than this for a course of professional treatments?

Laser hair removal machines will only work on the areas they have been applied to and it is very difficult to ensure you treat all areas of the skin evenly, resulting in uneven hair growth.

Home laser hair removal machines are far less powerful which means you will need to give yourself regular treatments, to maintain the results.

The level of pain caused during treatment with a home laser hair removal machine is higher than with professional machines, making treatments unpleasant as well as taking longer.

The risk of burning your skin is increased when using a home laser hair removal machine, especially if you have blonde or red hair or darker skin.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

No more ingrowing hairs

Ingrown hair is caused by a hair strand that grows sideward or downward, instead of upward and becomes trapped under the skin; they can cause inflammation and become infected, this is a common occurrence with waxing, shaving and hair removal creams.

Laser hair removal kills the hair follicle which prevents ingrowing hairs (as long as you don't shave or wax between treatments).

Smoother skin

Skin becomes irritated from a combination of hairs penetrating the skin and the effects of shaving, waxing, and hair removal products.

Laser hair removal will leave skin smooth (mild irritation may occur for the first few hours after treatments).

Softer, finer, lighter hair

Shaving can cause hair to become coarser. Laser hair removal will reduce the thickness of the hair in the area treated and new hair growth will become lighter and less noticeable.

Laser Hair Removal At Advance Laser Aesthetics

Quality of Equipment

Our high-quality, powerful 808 infinity diode machine from HPT Group is extremely effective, with a precise wavelength of 808mm.

The intelligent client tracking software guarantees each patient receives the correct amount of treatments for optimal results.

  • Safe: Powerful software ensures treatments are safe and effective.

  • Painless: Reported by patients that you only feel a tingling sensation on your skin.

  • Time-efficient: Our clients spend less time in clinic due to the efficiency of our laser technology.

You can be reassured the professional 808 infinity diode machine is built on the most advanced scientific principles.

Registered Nurses deliver the training programme to guarantee every practitioner has the in-depth knowledge required to carry out the safest and most efficient treatment plan, producing the desired result of smooth, healthy and hairless skin.

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We always try to ensure our prices are as transparent as possible, taking into account pre booked session prices and more cost effective treatment packages. We use the most up to date laser technology and are results driven. We think you will be delighted with our treatments each time you visit and we hope you can recommend us to friends and family.

To make our treatments instantly affordable, we have flexible customer finance in place to meet each individual's personal circumstances that can be paid in full or added to at any time. You will have a dedicated customer finance consultant to simplify your account management.

Price List


Area Single Treatment Course of 6
Upper Lip £45 £225
Chin £55 £275
Cheeks £65 £325
Neck £60 £300
Full Face £120 £600
Half Face/ Beard £80 £400

Arms / Legs

Area Single Treatment Course of 6
Full Legs £190 £850
Half Legs £120 £600
Hands/Feet £35 £175
Underarms £60 £300
Full Arms £120 £600
Half Arms £80 £400


Area Single Treatment Course of 6
Bikini Line £65 £325
Brazilian £100 £500
Hollywood £130 £650


Area Single Treatment Course of 6
Chest £100 £500
Tummy £90 £450
Full Back £150 £750
Half Back £100 £500

Package Prices

Area Single Treatment Course of 6
Women's Full Body £400 £1500
Men's Full Body £500 £1700

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A one off fee of £20 applies, payable on credit /debit card. **For treatments over £100, we will deduct this fee.

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